Getting Involved

Message from Chief Executive, Neil Carr

Firstly, thank you for getting this far and for taking the time to read this message. I do hope that you will take the next step in getting more involved once you have read it. Whether you are a service user, carer, patient or client, we can’t fulfil our promise to put you at the heart of everything we do without your engagement, involvement, feedback and support....... and that’s still not enough. We need to firmly commit to ensuring that the time and energy that people like you invest in involvement, has a real impact through co-production and ultimately shapes how our services are delivered into the future.

If I have your attention this far, I hope you will read the rest of the information provided on this page and take the next step. There is a multitude of ways of getting involved and my vision is to see real evidence of involvement for impact at all levels of the organisation, in all services, so please take this opportunity to help me and the Trust make this vision a reality.

Best wishes, Neil Carr


Involvement Registration Form

If you have experience of using our services, or care for someone who does, you can become involved in the Trust’s work, have your voice heard and take part in projects and activities.

By using your experiences of our services, together with your enthusiasm and ideas for potential improvement, you can bring a whole new point of view to the planning and delivery of those services.

As an involvement representative you will be offered training. You will also be entitled to reimbursement of travel expenses and some activities may attract an involvement fee in line with Trust policy. More information is available about this from our office.

If you would like to register for involvement, please add your details below, so that we can contact you when opportunities arise.

pdf Involvement Registration Form


Staff Request for Involvement Representatives

pdf Download the form


Promotional Materials for staff to make available across all services

pdf Involvement for Impact Poster (A1) - Please print in colour

pdf Involvement for Impact Postcards - Please print on card, colour, double-sided

Involvement for Impact Welcome folders are available for any Service User or Carer who wish to register for involvement. Please email  for a supply of these folders.