Getting Involved

Getting involved with the Trust is a way of sharing your experience as a service user or carer to provide better services for the future. It can also be therapeutic to take part in involvement activities.

There are a number of ways that service users and carers can become involved and make a contribution to the work of the Trust. These are some of the activities available:

  • Share your experience by attending groups or forums for patients, service users or carers
  • Take part in meetings or focus groups to plan or develop services
  • Assist with the recruitment and selection of new staff
  • Involvement in the development and review of information leaflets.
  • Help to improve staff training
  • Taking part in research projects
  • Help with surveys or audits to measure services
  • Be included on an emailing list (armchair consultation) to give your views on information leaflets, policies and other consultations

If you are interested in taking part in any of the activities listed, please complete the Involvement Registration Form and send to the Involvement and Experience Team.

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The Involvement and Experience Team

The involvement and Experience Team works across the Trust to provide support to staff and service users and carers in involvement activity and record the experience of service user and carers.

To have an informal chat about service user and carer involvement, or to become involved, please contact the team:-


Staffordshire Office 01543 441473

Shropshire Office 01743 210125

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