Getting Involved

All volunteers must be registered with the Trust and have undergone the appropriate checks before their placement commences. We suggest the manager and volunteer complete the paperwork together in one session to ensure timely recruitment.

Please click here to download our Volunteer Recruitment Chart to familiarise yourself with our process.


Relevant Documents

In order to correctly administer the volunteer the following forms and procedures must be carried out (Once all documents have been completed please email to


Volunteer Application Form

Please ensure your volunteer complete an application form.


Volunteer New Starter Form

Please click here for Volunteer New Starter Form

Please could the manager/supervisor also complete Section B of the Volunteer New Starter Form. It is crucial that this is filled out thoroughly as we require as much information as possible to correctly administer the volunteer onto ESR.

Section A – Volunteer

Please click here for volunteer expense form

If the volunteer wishes to claim expenses they must provide us with their bank account details.

Section B – Manager

Please fully complete this section and if it is necessary for the volunteer to have an SSSFT network account or account, please make us aware and we will request one on their behalf. Please also make sure the relevant section on the Volunteer New Starter Form is completed.

If the volunteer requires a smartcard, please make us aware and we can request this on your behalf. Please note we cannot request RiO Access, this will have to be requested via HIS.



Please click here for DBS Applicant Guide

Please email for DBS login information

We must be made aware that the volunteer has completed a DBS and that the reference has been specified in the Disclosure and Barring Service section of the Volunteer New Starter Form.

The volunteer should complete the online application and submit this for approval.

Their DBS will then be approved once they have submitted the online form, having sent three certified copies of ID. These copies can be sent via email to or post to the membership office.


DBS – Managers Checklist

Please click here for the Managers DBS Checklist. Please complete this in full, with a description of the volunteer’s duties. This information determines the level of check the volunteer is required to have for their role.



The volunteer will need to provide three forms of ID proving identity and proof of address. Please click here to view the acceptable forms of ID (If you are unsure of the ID provided please contact the membership office to confirm validity).


Declaration of Confidence

Please click here for Declaration of Confidence


Model Declaration Form A

Please click here for Declaration Form A (This must only be completed if the volunteer is completing a DBS Check)


Model Declaration Form B

Please click here for Declaration Form B (This must only be completed if the volunteer is not completing a DBS Check)


Health Assessment Questionnaire

Please click here for HA questionnaire

If the volunteer is aware that they currently have a health condition or disability which might affect their work and which might require special adjustments at their place of work, please download and complete the questionnaire above and submit to occupational health.


Volunteer Reference Form

Please click here for Volunteer Reference Form

Please make sure the volunteer has provided two referees. As their manager you can request these yourself using the above templates and submit the copies to the volunteer co-ordinator or please ask the volunteer co-ordinator to do this on your behalf. 


ID Badge

Please click here for ID Badge Request Form

As the volunteer will require an ID Badge, please complete and email the request form with a photo of the volunteer to




Furthermore, please ensure the volunteer is offered the appropriate training; please note that Safeguarding training is mandatory. You should contact the Learning and Development Team via with the volunteers email address so a virtual college account can be created for the necessary training. Please also state what e-learning modules they will need to undertake other than Safeguarding.


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