Getting Involved

Paper ClipMembers should expect:

  • To receive a membership welcome pack including details of local Governors
  • To receive details of how to contact the membership office
  • To expect their data to be used by the Trust only in relation to their membership and to be held in accordance with the Data protection Act 1998



  • Members will only receive communication on business that affects the Trust or their membership
  • Communication will be undertaken by the chosen method
  • Election notifications will always be undertaken electronically and by post
  • Members are entitled to receive a free copy of the Trust's e-Pod magazine (electronically unless requested otherwise)
  • Members are entitled to receive a free copy of the trust's Annual Report – on a request basis. The annual report can also be found on the Trust's website.



  • Members will be free to decided how much or how little they wish to be involved
  • Members will receive notice of events in their areas (unless they opt not to)
  • Members will be invited to a meeting at least annually (Annual Members Meeting) and are entitled to be notified and observe meetings of the Council of Governors and of the Trust Board
  • Events can be attended free of charge to Members
  • Members will be notified of any major consultations on changes to services within their area
  • Being a member will not affect their ability to participate in any other Trust activities
  • The Trust is fully committed to membership recruitment and engagement within its diverse communities
  • The Trust will discuss individual requirements with members to enable them to participate fully, should they so wish

Membership Strategy

Please click here to view our Membership Strategy

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