Getting Involved

Governors have a very important role and some ways in which they make a real difference include:

  • representing the views of the membership and the wider community regarding key issues and consulting them on important matters such as service developments and changes;
  • helping to shape the Trust's future plans and the services it provides;
  • holding the non-executive directors to account for the performance of the board of directors;
  • appointing and, if appropriate, removing the NHS foundation trust's auditor;
  • appointing and, if appropriate, removing the Trust Chair and/or Non-Executive Directors;
  • deciding the pay and allowances, and the other terms and conditions of office, of the Chair and the Non-Executive Directors;
  • approving (or not approving) the appointment of the Chief Executive;
  • approving (or not approving) "significant transactions"; and
  • approving (or not approving) amendments to the Trust's constitution.


Governors are not paid, the position is voluntary. All expenses in connection with attending meetings are paid – such as mileage allowances or public transport costs. Governors receive help, support and training. A Governor Information Pack is available from the Membership Office



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