Getting Involved

Every NHS Foundation Trust has a Council of Governors who are there to represent the views and opinions of members.


Governors stand for a maximum term of three years and are either elected by members or appointed from our partner organisations.


Governors work in partnership with the Board of Directors (which is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Trust and its strategic development) and agree what needs to be done to meet the needs of the community.


The Council of Governors links the Board of Directors to the Membership and communities.


Please view here our Council of Governors Annual Report 2015 



  • Public, Service Users and Carers
  • Staff
  • Partner organisations

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This group is divided into four geographical groups based around our three health communities and our wider partnerships - South Staffordshire, Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin, North Staffordshire and Regional & National.

Public, Service Users and Carers Governors

  • Ravi Bhakri - South Staffordshire

  • Frances Carlin - South Staffordshire

  • Steve Morris - South Staffordshire

  • Ian McComiskie - South Staffordshire

  • Karl Bailey - Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin

  • David Clements - Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin

  • Helen Smart - North Staffordshire

  • Janet Smith - Regional and National

  • Peter Jetson - Shropshire Telford and Wrekin

  • Paul Stanley - Shropshire Telford and Wrekin

  • Haroon Mohammed – South Staffordshire

  • Cllr Mark Boylan - Shropshire Telford and Wrekin

  • Dave Gill – Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin (Lead Governor)

  • Ken Jackson – South Staffordshire

  • Fiona Doran - Shropshire Telford and Wrekin

  • Gareth Eccleston - South Staffordshire

  • Kathryn Taylor - South Staffordshire

  • Peter Cross – South Staffordshire


The staff group is broken down into six groups:

Staff Governors

  • Fran Virden - Allied Health Professionals

  • David Banks - Clinical Support Staff

  • Nicola Sherwood - Non-Clinical Support Staff

  • Helen Allen – Qualified Nursing Staff

  • Dr Rubina Anjum – Medical Staff

  • Jenni Hodson – Social Care


One of our unique selling points is our approach to building, maintaining and retaining good relationships and partnerships. Involving our partner organisations in the Trust as members is key to building both a successful membership and the base for both diversity and strength on the Council of Governors.

Partner Governors

  • Cllr Arnold England (Cabinet Member for Telford and Wrekin Council)

  • Mac Cock (Carers Association South Staffordshire)

  • vacant post (Faculty of Health, Staffordshire University)

  • Cllr Simon Jones (Shropshire Council)

  • Lilian Owens (Voluntary Sector Forum, Telford and Wrekin)

  • Naomi Pay – Age UK

  • Gill Burnett – Staffordshire County Council