Getting Involved

  • Our staff
  • Anyone who lives in our local community
  • The people who use our services and their families, friends and carers
  • People from other parts of the country who have an interest in our services – because we provide specialist services to people across the country, we can offer membership nationally
  • Colleagues from other organisations who work with us to provide services and look after our patients

No, it is free


Members do not get any special treatment or access to services.


Only as much as you are able to offer. Some members just receive information and you wouldn't have to attend meetings or events if you didn't want to. If you wanted to be elected to the Council of Governors this would mean you would have more responsibilities and would need to give more time.

As a Member you would:

  • Be interested in your local NHS services and want to have a say in how they are run.
  • Be consulted from time to time on plans for significant changes to South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Not have to do lots of form-filling or going to meetings. However you would be able to give your views on a variety of issues relevant to the running of our services.
  • Be able to elect your representatives to serve on the Council of Governors.
  • Be able to stand for election to the Council of Governors (to find out more about this, call 01785 783068 or email
  • Be able to put yourself forward to be a non-executive director.


As a Member you would not bear any financial or legal responsibility for the work of the Trust, that remains with the Trust's Board of Directors.

Members would not receive a 'dividend', bonus or any special benefits in terms of NHS care or treatment.


  • Access to library facilities
  • Access to focus groups and online self help material
  • Influence and support the Trust and promote real community engagement
  • Have access to a members' post-box - post, email or ring through ideas for improving services
  • Vote in Council of Governors elections and have the opportunity to stand as a Governor Member
  • Members have free access to a number of trusted retailers and suppliers (through NHS Discounts) who are discounting their products and services.

This is a new way of running health services. NHS Foundation Trusts are still part of the NHS but they have more freedom in how they run things. Local people and staff are able to have more say in how things are done. NHS Foundation Trusts will be controlled locally not nationally. Freeing NHS Foundation Trusts from day to day control by the Department of Health will encourage greater local innovation in how services are delivered. NHS Foundation Trusts also have more freedom to borrow money and make investments in developing and improving services.


Only the best performing NHS Trusts can currently apply for NHS Foundation Trust status – that is, those NHS Trusts with three stars in the NHS Performance Ratings - such as South Staffordshire Healthcare NHS Trust. This is the first time mental health trusts have been able to apply.
To become an NHS Foundation Trust we would also have to prove we have financial stability, effective management and vision and leadership potential.


If something seriously goes wrong it would be the responsibility, initially, of the Trust itself to take appropriate remedial action. If the situation continues or becomes more serious the Independent Regulator would have the statutory power to intervene.

Foundation Trusts are able to access more capital investment, and would use this in order to improve the buildings, general surroundings and equipment needed to provide high quality care.

They would also have freedoms to be able to make investments where the local need is highest and according to local priorities.


The Trust is run by a Board of Directors. There is also be a Council of Governors which will be made up of people who have been elected by the members, who will be local people, staff and people who use the Trust's services.


*Non members of the service users/carer/public constituency will also be able to access the information and services available to members on request. No non-member will be disadvantaged in any way including any care and treatment they may receive, as result of their non-member status